Welcome to MotoMedia - We are a full service digital production company that creates engaging content for the advertising, marketing and entertainment industries, as well as Fortune 100 Corporations, PR Firms and small businesses.

Our core capabilities include: Film Production / Digital Design and Motion / Creative Editorial / Animation and VFX / Creative Strategy and Concept Development

Let’s talk about you for a moment. What buttons do you want to push? What mountains would you like to scale? What do you want digital media to do for you? This is how we start every conversation.


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Tool Kit

We are never just a hammer looking for a nail. We know and understand that every project requires the right 'tool' to do the job.

Creative Strategy / Concept Development

Clients often have great ideas and we know how to translate those ideas into amazing digital media. Our collaborative approach allows us to partner with a client who has just a need, an idea, a thought, a concept... and we take it all the way to completion. This is how we become an integral part of our client’s team - by extending their reach not just into video, but into creative, strategic, engaging digital media.

Digital / Film Production

Anyone can rent a camera, or a lens, or audio and lighting gear, but having the creativity and skills to put behind the technology is where it’s really at.read more

Editing / Motion Graphics and Animation

Our editors aren’t just working behind the scenes, they help through every step of the production process. They’re on set, on location and in production meetings. They help piece together a storyline from the beginning, rather than hunting for it in the end.read more

Live Event Production

Event planning is half the battle; event execution is where we come in. When it comes to live events, we love to be where the action is. Whether we're creating new video content for an event or designing and implementing the staging, lighting and sound for the event itself, your audience will be wowed by our ability to bring red-carpet quality to the show. We can rock any size event. We have created stage-wide screens and integrated live-action into video components, but we don't overlook the details of quality audio and timely presentations.

Digital Marketing

So what’s the big deal with Digital Media? Well first off, it’s digital!read more

Client Case Studies

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Bringing a Vision and Strategy to Life

“MotoMedia took something that was complicated and made it incredibly accessible. They met our business objectives, but in a way that really engaged people, and added a sense of energy and a sense of fun to what can often be a fundamentally dry topic. One film provided a context for the strategy and changes we were making and was really a mini-documentary that any associate would be able to watch and understand."
Andy Pharoah, Senior VP of Corporate Affairs, Sustainability & Strategy, Wrigley Read More


To help Wrigley launch a new visual identity and strategy Wrigley wanted to communicate to their associates what the company stood for during this time of change.

Executive Producer Andrew Ryann completed upwards of 30 interviews across 4 continents to produce a series of videos that created a virtual snapshot of the Wrigley Organization to inspire and motivate their global workforce.  The videos were showcased at a top-tier meeting of Wrigley’s leaders, then rolled out all over the world.

The videos that the MotoMedia team produced were extremely well received all over the world. They were effective and efficient in helping the Wrigley Company communicate their new vision and strategy in an accessible, inspiring and entertaining fashion. Several versions of the videos have been utilized throughout the change process. Over a year later these videos are still being screened as parts of presentations around the world.

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Creating Cinematic Imagery for a Sporting Event

"MotoMedia really helped bring a cinematic quality to the video that we produced for the Breeder's Cup. Even more importantly, they are great storytellers and were able to take our creative direction and run with it, ultimately resulting in a really powerful collaboration between our teams."
Daniel Rucci, Associate Director, Broadcast Production, CTP Boston Read More

The Breeder's Cup agency, CTP Boston, created a media campaign around the slogan, "The Best Is Yet To Come." They rebranded the entire race with the slogan and even bought the rights to the song made famous by Sinatra and re-recorded it. The problem was, the only footage that they had to work with was the race coverage provided by the broadcast network.

CTP was looking for some more cinematic and breathtaking footage to create a 'Day in the Life' of the Breeder's Cup. MotoMedia brought in some top-notch cinematographers and equipped them with some serious camera hardware, including extreme slo-mo capture and ultra-fast telephoto lenses to give a fresh, dramatic look to the race.

The visually distinctive footage that MotoMedia captured was incredibly well received by CTP Boston and the Breeder's Cup. It was included in a music video tribute to the Cup that was featured on the front page of their website and it will also be front and center in TV Spots leading up to the 2013 race. 

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Unifying a Franchised Company through the Production of an Orientation Video

“MotoMedia’s creative team and production crew were great to work with and helped us navigate through the development process from beginning to end. The Right at Home orientation video has been well received; some Franchisees have even commented that it is one of our best deliverables to date.”
Kylie Kator, Project Coordinator, Right at Home Read More

To create an orientation video for a healthcare services provider with hundreds of franchised offices around the country that would disseminate large amounts of information in an efficient and cohesive manner.

Working with the corporate office and a number of the key franchisees, we crafted an effective and compelling orientation video to satisfy the needs of a diverse group of entrepreneurs.

MotoMedia produced a very polished, high-quality, half-hour video that is part of a training program for nurses and home care specialists. The video met the needs of franchisees with a variety of expectations while staying within the clients’ budget. 

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Creative Messaging in Live Events

“MotoMedia is very engaged with their customer. You could see that the passion they have for producing the event goes beyond just working on a fun project. I would recommend MotoMedia to other companies especially when you want to create a very impactful event. Not just production value, but an emotional connection that leaves the audience with something they will remember forever.”
Rob Peterson, Senior VP & Chief Innovation Officer, Wrigley Read More


To create an inspiring event to honor the cutting-edge innovation team of the Wrigley Company during the annual Global Innovation Awards. The Wrigley Company takes innovation very seriously. In fact, it is essential to how they move their company forward. You might even say they “celebrate” innovation. Working with a unique stage design required us to produce video in a 32:9 aspect ratio - twice the normal width of an HD screen.

MotoMedia helped craft the vision of the awards ceremony by working closely with the Global Innovation team as a creative partner early in the planning process. By using a combination of animation, live action footage and some old school camera trickery, we created 14 original videos utilizing a super-wide canvas on high-tech LED screens.

Our whimsical and humorous approach engaged the audience from the very first moment and held their attention throughout the program. The event was a complete success eliciting top praise like ‘these were the best videos we’ve ever seen in any kind of awards event, period.’ From feedback we received, people who attended the event were still talking about the videos weeks later.

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Utilizing Digital Video to Help Enterpreneurs Grow a Small Business

"I have a very small company with very few resources and I’m stretched very thin. They were able to read my mind and put together exactly what I was looking for. My experience with MotoMedia has been extremely positive and very results-oriented."
Libby Andrews, President, Stick-e Products LLC Read More

Helping a startup entrepreneur produce a yoga DVD to augment her line of yoga accessories using specific parameters to differentiate this product from others on the market. Maintaining high production value within a limited budget was essential to the project.

With our years of production management experience and deep connections in film and episodic television, we were able to put a top-notch crew together to bring tremendous production value to a client with limited resources. We communicated with the client throughout the process to ensure we were staying within the budget yet offering our expertise to create a unique DVD.  

The yoga DVD we produced is being regarded as one of the highest quality and most effective amongst its competition. We were able to address yogis from beginner to expert and utilize our client’s products in a way that was effective but not ‘salesy.’ In addition to the DVD, we were able to create a trailer as well as a series of clips from within the DVD to use as marketing tools for the Stick-e website, YouTube and retailers. The DVD is available for sale on the Stick-e website and through other retailers.


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featured videos

Wow! That was cool! How’d they do that? Great story! Awesome visuals!

That is what you will be saying after you watch these videos! View some of the coolest videos we’ve done, some of the best work done by our fellow colleagues and some of the most interesting stuff we’ve found on the Internet.

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Fax Machine

A high pressure boardroom. A young intern. The boss asks him to 'fax' something. You gotta see what happens next! Team Moto had a blast producing this vid in collaboration with our great friends over at Dave & Co! The best part? This is the first in a series, so check back often to follow our young hero as he attempts to assimilate into Corporate America!

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Full Contact Scrabble

So what do you do when you are on a feature film in Shreveport, LA and production is suspended for four days? You shoot a short film of course! Our cinematographer friend Jeff Gatesman bought some lights at Home Depot, grabbed his Canon 5D MKII and with the help of a great crew and some brilliant stunt actors, created this short film that has been screened at the LA Shorts Film Festival, LA Comedy Festival, came in 2nd in the Samys HDSLR Video Contest, and made it to the semi-finals of the Third Screen Film Festival. Enjoy and check out some more of Jeff's work here: gatesman.com

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JOYN India

Absolutely gorgeous footage our good friend and cinematographer, Jon Ellison shot for the non-profit JOYN India, a group that is changing lives by empowering impoverished people in India with profitable work. Check out more of Jon's work here: jellisononline.com

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Simply lovely time lapse footage of the SF Bay.

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MotoMedia is a full-service, digital media production company. We specialize in producing compelling video and effective media strategies to help our clients deliver their messages using cutting-edge technology and a dynamic team of experts.

If you want your audience to pay attention, you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to deliver your message in a fresh and engaging way. We put you in the spotlight and make sure everybody knows it. Our expertise in entertainment television shines through when we work with our clients, merging the sophistication of business with the high energy of a film set.

We are collaborators at heart, working with our clients to become part of their team and offer customized solutions that make us a valuable strategic partner. Our network includes web developers and designers, writers, creative directors, film directors, producers, editors and integrated marketing experts.

Recent clients include:
Wrigley / SC Johnson / Razorfish / Crown Brewing / The Oprah Winfrey Show /
CTP Advertising Boston / Weber Shandwick / HP / Wise Guys Liquors / Design Kitchen /
A Drink With / Mead Johnson Nutrition / Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce /
NBC Universal 

Contact us:
Melody Smith - Producer / Director of Business Development
c 312.841.8863
o 312.675.8092

Andrew Ryann - Executive Producer
o 312.675.8092



Moto Entertainment

We want to be what everyone's watching.

Our passion for video production seeps into the world of mainstream television as we create and produce broadcast video. Original ideas take off as we work out the details for reality television, talk shows and formatted programming.

Working in much the same way as we do for our clients, we begin with whiteboarding sessions and work to create sizzle reels and full episodes that we can pitch to networks. We love the challenge of taking something from scratch and turning it into a show worthy of your DVR.

Entertainment video is just that: video for television and the web that entertains an audience. Whether it's a reality tv show concept or a talk show, we put our best into producing a show and look forward to it being tv's next big thing.

Past entertainment projects include:

  • Talk shows
  • Reality television
  • Formatted programming
  • Cooking shows
  • Entertainment News segments