The Breeder's Cup agency, CTP Boston, created a media campaign around the slogan, "The Best Is Yet To Come." They rebranded the entire race with the slogan and even bought the rights to the song made famous by Sinatra and re-recorded it. The problem was, the only footage that they had to work with was the race coverage provided by the broadcast network.


CTP was looking for more cinematic and breathtaking footage to create a "Day in the Life" of the Breeder's Cup. MotoMedia brought in top-notch cinematographers and equipped them with serious camera hardware (including extreme slo-mo capture and ultra-fast telephoto lenses) to give a fresh, dramatic look to the race.


The visually distinctive footage that MotoMedia captured was incredibly well-received by CTP Boston and the Breeder's Cup. It was included in a music video tribute to the Cup featured on the front page of their website, as well as being front and center in TV Spots leading up to the 2013 race.