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Create an inspiring event to honor the cutting-edge innovation team of the Wrigley Company during the annual Global Innovation Awards. The Wrigley Company takes innovation very seriously. In fact, it is essential to how they move their company forward. You might even say they “celebrate” innovation. Working with a unique stage design required us to produce video in a 32:9 aspect ratio - twice the normal width of an HD screen.


MotoMedia helped craft the vision of the awards ceremony by working closely with the Global Innovation team as a creative partner early in the planning process. By using a combination of animation, live action footage and some old school camera trickery, we created 14 original videos utilizing a super-wide canvas on high-tech LED screens.


Our whimsical and humorous approach engaged the audience from the very first moment and held their attention throughout the program. The event was a complete success eliciting top praise like, "These were the best videos we’ve ever seen in any kind of awards event, period." From feedback we received, people who attended the event were still talking about the videos weeks later.